Message Center Numbers For All Operators {Updated Today}

Message Center Number: Are you looking for the message center numbers for different operators? Then you are at the right place. Let me tell you as there are various operators available in all over India, also there are different message center numbers associated with each operator. Users prefer this due to the message not sent issues, or if they face any damage in their mobiles. For suppose, there is some emergency and the user sends the message to another person. In turn, it fails to deliver. So in such cases, all these SMS center numbers are used to the greater extent. Also, there are numerous SMS center numbers for each operator provided according to the different states.

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SMS Center Number plays a highly significant and preferable role in the human’s life. Moreover, all these will be applicable to all the SIM cards. Well, if you are looking for this, here we go. Stay connected to the current write-up shown in better and understandable way. So use the below message center numbers with respect to your operator and fix message not send issues successfully. And if you like to move a step forward in surfing with respect to the state, identify and fix the issue then no need to get stressed about it. I am here to direct you in a most simple and easy way.

What Is Message Center Number:

Do you like to know what exactly SMS center number mean? Fine, let me tell you it is also referred to SMS number.  Abbreviated as short message service center. This is considered as a network element in the entire mobile network. All this will help you to forward, deliver, store the various text messages which in turn used in every state.


The special thing with respect to the SMS center number is will allocate in unique for every individual. Without this number, one cannot do forward the message to another successfully. Let us have a look at these unique numbers for every operator.

Aircel message center number +919809099060
Airtel message center number +919895051914
BSNL message center number +919440099997
Idea message center number +919847099996
Jio message center number +917010075009
Reliance message center number +919020000500
Docomo message center number +919032055002
Telenor message center number +919084051550
Vodafone message center number +919846000040

How To Change SMS Center Number On Android

Well, till now you have seen the different SMS center numbers for different operators. Let us focus on the process that helps you out in solving message not sent issues very well. As such in recent times I came across the various reports claimed by the users. The present article is especially for those who are looking forward identifying message center number with respect to their operator. Follow the steps carefully given to you. But be sure as you have done the whole backup of old text messages. Now, let us move to the process that helps to change the SMS center number on Android.

  • The very first step one has to open the message app and do select menu bar available in the mobile itself.
  • Go to Settings-> select Advanced settings.


  • Now you need to scroll down so that can see the message center number option provided there.


  • And now the user is ultimately requested to enter exact message center number with respect to their operator.
  • Do click on the SMS center number option available in the form of a list.
  • Finally, you are successful in changing SMS center number on Android.

All these are the simple and easy steps which direct you to solve message not sent issues successfully. Even though if you forgot the SMS center number, the current write-up is very much useful. If you get any doubts related to the process, feel free to share with us. As we help you to the greater extent within a short period of time.

Alternative Method To Change Message Center Number On Android:

Well, friends, you have come across the process. If you like to try in another way there is an alternative method used for. So let me tell you these steps will help you in a more successful way.

  • Firstly, open the dialer app available on your Android.
  • Now the user is requested to dial *#*#4636#*#*.
  • So that you can see the new menu opened on the screen.
  • Perform a single click on the phone information and do scroll it down.


  • The user can see the SMSC number where you need to click on the refresh button available there.
  • So that displays the default message center number which is present in previous.
  • Enter the correct SMS center number and tap on the update button. That’s all.


How Can These Message Center Numbers Be Useful

For suppose, the user always tries to explore the new and innovative things on the device. If the user has been provided and forgot the SMS center number and message app no longer works. In that situation, the user tries to search the message center numbers through the internet. At that scenario, all these will be helpful to the greater extent. Let us have a look at numerous numbers with different states irrespective of the operator.

Message Center Number For Airtel In Different States: 

Well, if you like to know message center number for Airtel for different states, can refer here.

Do you like to know the message center number with respect to your state, no need to get much worried about it?  As I am here to direct you in a best possible way.

Aircel Message Center Number For Other States:

Do you like to know for Aircel, here we go learning message center numbers with their corresponding states? So that you can identify and do change in a more successful way.

  • Aircel SMS center number Delhi: +919716099060
  • message center number for Aircel Mumbai: +919768099060

If you are looking for the other states, can check out the current write-up provided in clear and understandable format about Aircel SMS center numbers of all states.

Message Center Number for BSNL:

If you are using BSNL operator, can do crosscheck of all these numbers with respect to the state.

  • BSNL message center number Andhra Pradesh: +919440024365
  • BSNL SMS center number Telangana: +919440024365
  • Also, Message Center Number for BSNL, Tamilnadu: +919443024365,+919444024365

For More, BSNL Message center numbers click here. You will have state wise list of Bsnl message center numbers when you click on the link above.

Message Center Number For Idea:

And now if you like to identify message center number for an idea with respect to their state, you are at the right place.

  • Idea message center number Assam: +919085000198
  • Idea SMS center number Haryana: +91-8684000198

In order to know for other states, check Here about Idea Sms Center Numbers.

Jio Message Center Number For Other States:

While coming to Jio, there are unique message center numbers associated with every state. Do identify and solve the message not sent issues successfully.

  • message center number for Jio, Bihar: +917012075009
  • Jio SMS center number Kolkata: +97012075009

Are you looking for other states, Just Click here to know more.

Reliance Message Center Number:

Do you belong to the Reliance mobile operator, well you are free enough to know the SMS center number and solve the issue?

  • Reliance SMS center number Andhra Pradesh: +919810051914
  • message center number for Reliance, Rajasthan: +919020000500

To get for different states, crosscheck here about Message Center Numbers for Reliance state wise.

Message Center Number For Docomo:

Probably you are using Docomo mobile operator, right? Then you are at the right place.

  • DoCoMo message center number Chhatisgarh: +919039012345
  • DoCoMo SMS center number Karnataka: +919036012345

To get SMS center number for other states, check here.

Uninor/Telenor Message Center Number:

Also, if your family members using Uninor, can refer these message center numbers according to the state.

  • Uninor/Telenor SMS center number Punjab: +919032055002
  • message center number for Uninor/Telenor, Orissa: +919084051550

For other states, go here and crosscheck provided in clear and better understandable format.

Vodafone Message Center Number:

Also, if you prefer Vodafone, no issues. Because one can identify the SMS center number with respect to each and every state for Vodafone in simple and easier way.

  • vodafone SMS center number West Bengal: +919732099990
  • message center number for Vodafone, North East: +919774099990

Just check more info about Vodafone message center numbers if you need state wise SMS center numbers.

As a result, you can see the other message center numbers with respect to different states provided here in a more clear way.

Hopefully, the present write-up might help you in solving message not sent issues very well. Moreover, you are free enough from all those issues which never encounters again and again. Also, I probably guess you like the article and very helpful to you in a great way.


As a result, you have seen all the message center numbers of each operator with respect to the different states. Also, If you get any doubts or do you like to share some more information with us, feel free to discuss. Hence, if you like the tutorial, can share with social networking sites/friends/family. Therefore do visit icustomercare for more updates and other related information. Thank you for the visit.

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